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More than 40 years of design history

Horse stalls from Röwer & Rüb can be found all over the world. Both in small private stables and large equestrian facilities our customers appreciate the durability and unique styling of our stable equipment.

Being a pioneer with innovative ideas and outstanding design means daring to try something new on an international scale. For this reason, in addition to safety, we have paid special attention to the design of our horse stalls. For decades we have been refining and perfecting our ranges so that we can always offer our customers contemporary stable facilities. This pioneering role has made us renowned around the world and prompted us to patent many of our developments.

roewer-rueb-geschichte pferdebox stallgasse mit pferden
Boxenfront Hannover, grün gepulverte Metallteile aus dem Jahr 1988
Stable front Hannover 1988
Boxenfront New York, rot gepulverte Metallteile aus dem Jahr 1993
Stable front New York 1993
Boxenfront Paris, grün gepulverte Metallteile mit V-Ausschnitt in der Tür aus dem Jahr 1995
Stable front Paris 1995
Stallgasse mit Hund und Boxenfront München, verzinkt, aus dem Jahr 2000
Stable front München 2000
Pferd schaut aus oben geöffneter Boxentür vom Modell Hannover, grau gepulverte Metallteile aus dem Jahr 2010
Stable front Hannover 2010
Stallgasse mit Boxen Modell Amsterdam und Pferden die herausschauen aus dem Jahr 2022
Stable front Amsterdam 2022