Röwer & Rüb has stood for high-quality living spaces for horses for more than 40 years.

Sophisticated functionality, stability and elegant design are combined in the most beautiful way. The highest safety standards for humans and horses have top priority. We continue this claim with our new product R&AIR Care.

Visiting Ellie McCarthy

Our product video gives you some first-hand insights into the R&AIR Care system of our customer Ellie McCarthy at her Forest Oaks Equestrian facility in the UK. Ellie has been really enthusiastic about this stable environment optimisation system from the very beginning.


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R&AIR Care

Stable climate optimisation

A deep breath of clean air refreshes and motivates. Just the thought of clear air and a good portion of invigorating oxygen gives you a kick and new strength. This is especially true for enclosed environments, such as horse stables, with air that is filled with dust, odours and maybe even germs. This will of course, have an impact on the horses living in it.

R&AIR Care creates an optimal indoor climate by binding dust, cooling, minimising odours and regulating humidity. In addition, R&AIR Care also reduces the incidence of insects in the stable in a completely natural way.

Tiny water molecules are sprayed floating in the room. This finest mist binds unwanted particles such as dust, bacteria
or viruses in the air and ensures a clean room climate, a pleasant temperature and humidity. Irritations of the respiratory
tract and mucous membranes are thus reduced. In addition, the system offers modern options for disinfection or the
use of additional active substances to extend a health effect. At the same time, the self-contained system is hygienically
absolutely safe. This makes your stable an all-round oasis of well-being.

Air wellness for every taste

R&AIR Care adapts to your individual needs and the situation in your stable. Different operation modes, such as cooling,
dust binding, humidity regulation or feeding, can be conveniently selected via a central control panel. The preset parameters also take spraying duration and spraying pauses into account. For unplannable events, the appropriate performance features can be controlled in manual mode. A dosing station can be used to add beneficial additives to the spray mist, e.g. for air washing, healing support for respiratory diseases or disinfection.

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Innovative nozzle technology

The high-performance stainless steel nozzles are mounted above the stalls and stable aisles and targeted. An easy-touse touch display activates the desired operation modes. A low-noise pump technology as well as damped pipe power mounts reduce the noise level to a minimum.

  • Cooling

    Reduction of the air temperature for an individually pleasant, healthy climate
  • Odour reduction

    Odour-reducing and ammonia-reducing properties meet official requirements and increase the well-being of humans and animals
  • Dust binding

    Ultra-fine water mist from high-performance nozzles binds unwanted foreign particles in the air
  • Humidity regulation

    The regulation of relative humidity creates a pleasant atmosphere all year round

R&AIR Protect

Fire Suppression and Smoke Compensation - Highest safety for humans and animals

The first seconds after your stall has caught fire are crucial. From this moment on, you’ve got approximately 30 seconds left to extricate your beloved horses from the danger zone that is about to become a hostile environment. Especially in agriculture and therefore also in equestrian facilities, the risk of fire is potentially high. Apart from arson, defects in electrical installations, failing electrical equipment, smoking, spontaneus combustion of hay or lightning are making life easy for highly inlammable materials.

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Automated protection against elementary danger

The solution that lets you sleep more soundly is the R&AIR Protect System for innovative and efficient fire suppression and smoke compensation. By completely saturating the room with water mist, dangerous smoke gases are washed out of the air and the temperature is decreased significantly within a very short time. As fire gets its nourishment through oxygen and heat, oxygen displacement and heat extraction by R&AIR Protect are the key to suppressing a fire and may even lead to extinguish the fire safely.

Design and function

R&AIR Protect adapts to your individual needs and spatial conditions. The stainless steel pipe system is installed directly above the horse stalls in your stable. The high-pressure pump system R&AIR Protect can be directly controlled via a fire alarm panel or, alternatively, operated manually. It is connected to and supplied with water via the existing city water connection. Water storage is also possible upon request. The main feature of controlling the fire are the displacement of oxygen and temperature reduction. When the water mist comes into contact with the source of the fire, spontaneous evaporation occurs, depriving the fire of the oxygen it needs. The micrometre-thin water mist also evaporates immediately and removes the existing heat energy from the environment. The ambient temperature is greatly reduced and pollutants are washed out of the air without causing any significant water damage in the barn.

  • Cooling

    Reduction of the room air temperature and heat radiation.
  • Contaminant binding

    Binds smoke particles (up to 80%) and toxic gases (up to 60%)
  • Protecting Escape Routes

    Due to smoke and gas binding 1.5 times extension of the escape route
  • Life-saving

    The water mist has a protective and calming effect on humans and animals, without causing any appreciable water damage
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