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Drive Systems

Two drive systems for different requirements

The control unit is the heart of any system. The speed is infinitely variable and automatic direction switching is naturally also possible. The options enable many solutions for individual needs.

Ring horsewalker

The unique Röwer & Rüb ring horsewalker opens up new horizons and offers flexible solutions for indoor and outdoor use. The free interior space of the system has plenty of room for different functions such as a lungeing circle, paddock or storage area. The track-proven drive unit of the system is of course particularly quiet and has very low maintenance requirements.


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Röwer & Rüb Führanlage Antrieb Turmführanlage Hufschlag Innen

Tower horsewalker

Our tower horsewalker has more than proven itself over the decades, and due to the Röwer & Rüb modular principle the system is extremely flexible and can be extended at any time later if you need to exercise more horses. A wide selection of equipment features is at your disposal and one thing is always given the greatest priority – safety.

Due to the elevated position of the drive unit the arms circulate at a height of approximately 2.4 metres. The robust wheel drive unit with solid rubber tyres is very hard-wearing. The system can be easily moved by hand so that the track can be cleaned quickly and easily.


Advantages of the drive systems

  • Easy to adjust and simple to operate
  • Low maintenance, even with continuous operation
  • Durable and resilient
  • Guaranteed long-term spare parts supply
  • Service contract available upon request
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Are you planning a project?

We work with you to find an ideal solution that is individual and customised to meet your needs. We would be pleased to advise you!


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