Familie Baumgart

Rhythm, distances and the move to the jump

The showjumping and sporthorse stable Baumgart


Familie Baumgart

Stable near Verden

If you are looking for a show jumper, Bettina and Philipp Baumgart in Verden Döhlbergen are just the right contacts for you. The couple have been running the Spring- und Sportpferde GbR at the Schwartze Hof just outside this equestrian town for twelve years now. Their entire life revolves around horses. 

Successful show jumpers

A total of 20 show jumpers are stabled in the show jumping centre at the Schwartze Hof. In breeder circles the training centre is very popular beyond the borders of Verden and is renowned for professional training and sales. Many internationally successful show jumpers have started their sporting careers with Bettina and Philipp Baumgart, such as Caracho by Cento - Acodetto (1.60 m successes with Lucy Davies, USA), Collmar by Eurocommerce Berlin - Calido (1.60 m successes in Argentina and ChaChaCha by Chacco Blue - Quick Star (winner in World Cup show jumping for Saudi Arabia).

Philipp Baumgart
Ausbildungsstall Philipp Baumgart

Tournaments on the go

 Besides the youngsters in the stables who are making their first experiences on show jumping courses, there are also show jumpers who are already experienced and can be used directly for sporting events. Philipp is highly successful at competitions with many of his training horses, both the four to six-year olds in advanced tests as well as the seven to ten-year olds. He is a passionate show jumper who has been in the saddle since the age of 10.

Modern stable wing

The stable wing, in which the show jumpers are accommodated, was built twelve years ago next to the existing building. Bettina, Philipp and their staff were keen to build a modern stable wing that meets the requirements of a training and sales facility. Keywords here were efficient working methods and optimisation of working routes and processes. No sooner said than done. The goal was to find individual and cost-efficient solutions that meet the daily challenges such as functionality and durability.

“All our efforts are entirely focused on full and all-round care of the horses. It is important to us that they do well and that the work involved in taking care of them is smooth as possible," summarises Philipp Baumgart. 

Philipp Baumgart
Stall Baumgart

Everyone has their place

We decided to install 20 horse stalls from Röwer & Rüb as well as three stable doors and two grooming area fence systems. These means that everything has its place. The horses have spacious stalls and can enjoy the view of the stable passageways as well as the yard.The stable doors, windows and gates not only create an inviting courtyard ambience, but also ensure proper ventilation," emphasises Bettina and is pleased that the new products from Röwer & Rüb have optimised their working day. With the grooming area fence systems, preparation and finishing of the horses is easier and more efficiently organised. Every horse gets everything it needs. And when it comes to safety, the Baumgarts are very glad to have the grooming area fence systems. Handling stallions no longer poses a problem.

Security is important

The Baumgarts working day has also been improved further by the wide feeding slot which is recessed into the front of the stall. This allows the concentrated feed to be easily dispensed from the stable passageway with a feeding trowel and any soiling in the drinking bowls and troughs can be quickly detected.

Familie Baumgart

“You don't have to plan construction projects like this every year. The stalls should now last for the next couple of decades. This is why quality is very important to us. The stalls in a training and tournament stable have to withstand a great deal of wear and tear every day so they have to be well made. We are very satisfied with the products that Röwer & Rüb supplied. They are robust, durable and easy to maintain", summarises Philipp Baumgart and adds: “The new barn was equipped entirely in line with our ideas. We had already imagined it in our mind’s eye for a long time. The Röwer & Rüb product catalogue also gave us some extra inspiration. We think the result is quite impressive!”

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