Röwer & Rüb Reitanlage Brune Luftbild

The Brune stud

Riding facility in Westerstede cast from one mould.

Dream facility in Westerstede

75 horses can be accommodated in the spacious horse stalls. In a separate horse stable the mares with foals have the necessary peace and quiet before facing the daily routine of the riding business. The rearing stable is a playpen for the young horses up to three years of age. The horses have the opportunity every day to satisfy their natural need for exercise on spacious pastures. The part of the facility where riding takes place accommodates about 60 horses. These are trained up to the advanced class in dressage. One area is reserved for horses that are recovering from injuries and whose health is being carefully built back up.

Gestüt Brune
Gestüt Brune

Conditions are optimal

A horsewalker is available for additional exercise. In the lungeing hall young horses can be prepared for their future tasks under saddle. An indoor arena and a riding arena offer ideal conditions for concentrated work of the sport horses. Another riding arena is used for ground work. This is certainly unique at Brune Stud. In the so-called play arena the horses are shown everything they tend to be afraid of. They are gently confronted with umbrellas, tarpaulins, balls and bollards and as a result acquire a high degree of basic trust in people. In the different parts of the stables there are sufficient washing and cleaning areas, so that the grooms and riders have a relaxed, smooth daily routine. An aquatrainer is used to build up muscles and condition, and also for horses undergoing rehabilitation treatment at the facility. You can see that the horses are optimally cared for. 

Lisa Roeckener met Bernadette Brune for an interview 

During her visit Lisa found that many details make everyday life at the facility easier. A well thought-out partition wall system allows the horses to eat the concentrated feed without stress. The rotating troughs are filled from the outside. The upper part of the horse stalls can be opened completely, so that the horses can maintain social contact with the horses opposite. Additional fixtures close to the ground - so-called add-on fixtures - prevent creative horses from becoming independent.


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