Reiterhof Witt_Küselhof

Riding on vacation

A visit on the equestrian riding club Küselhof by family Witt on the island Fehmarn.

Reiterhof Witt_Küselhof

It doen't get any better than this

With the Küselhof the Witt family has fulfilled a long-cherished dream and created something unique. On the island of Fehmarn they run a holiday and equestrian farm that is a haven of calm and relaxation for horse lovers, couples, friends and families. With the combination of holiday farm (Küselhof) and riding school (Reitschule Witt), the Witt family offers horse-loving holidaymakers a very special holiday with rides on the beach and lessons in the indoor arena as well as the outdoor arena, from where you can enjoy a view of the sea while riding.

Family vacation in the country with children

Horses and riders can enjoy the far-reaching landscape and the sea and experience the unlimited fresh sea air on a wonderful ride along the country lanes to the beach. Golf and kiting fans will also find everything they need. The golf course is only 500 m away and the farm’s own surfing meadow at the water’s edge invites visitors to go kiting.

Stallgasse Reiterhof Witt
Außenboxen Reiterhof Witt

„ It was important to us that the stalls are robust and easy to maintain and that they meet the requirements of an equestrian business.“

Andreas Witt

Riding stable is the core

35 horses and ponies at the Reiterhof Witt ensure that visitors can spend many enjoyable and happy hours on horseback. Together they are the recreational partners of many children and young people who love riding. Andreas Witt and the team of the Reiterhof Witt supervise the riding lessons with selected training and instruction sessions on the visitors’ own horses or the farm’s training horses.

The riding stables are therefore a core element of the holiday centre. The farm has spacious guest stalls for the horses and ponies. A manufacturer and stall builder had to be found who understood and implemented the wishes and ideas of the family for the realisation and implementation of the holiday and equestrian centre. Two years ago, the Witt family decided in favour of horse stalls from Röwer & Rüb.

Stallgasse Reiterhof Witt

“They have to be of high quality, as they are in constant use,” the horse expert adds. “We had to find wooden horse stalls that were  adapted to the needs of our own horses, but also to those of guest horses and guest riders, and that could accommodate any horse, large  small. With the Röwer & Rüb "Verden" model made of bamboo we found appropriate stalls that are easy to use and handle.

The sliding doors with integrated windows are optimal and very practical for daily work with the horses. We very much appreciate the fact that the horses can be fed from the stable aisle through the feeding hatches. This means enormous time savings. All horses can use the windows to the front and back and look out of the stalls. The partitions provide sufficient protection and still allow social contact between the horses. This was important to us when we were looking for the right horse stalls!”

Photo credit: Britta Ahlström - Ahlström Photographie

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