Reitanlage Kuckelke

Pur relaxation for rider and horse

The Kuckelke riding facility in Dortmund/Holthausen offers ideal conditions for sport and leisure riders.

Reitanlage Kuckelke

Former pig farm

The Kuckelke equestrian centre is located in the Holthausen district of Dortmund in an idyllic rural environment. In 1991 Wilhelm-Heinrich Kuckelke converted the former pig farm into boarding stables. The old pigsties were rebuilt and renovated, a new indoor riding arena and a new stable wing were built. The centre is run as a family business with a great deal of commitment and passion and is regularly modernised and extended. The Kuckelke riding facility therefore offers ideal conditions for leisure riders and dressage riders.

Wide offer

Wide offerThe modern stable wing has stalls with outside windows as well as paddocks. “We want to offer our boarders a wide range of exercise and training options," comments Wilhelm-Heinrich Kuckelke, explaining the guiding principle of his business. The riding facility offers the best conditions to achieve this aim. It is surrounded by beautiful terrain which is ideal for relaxed and enjoyable excursions for both horses and riders. The spacious indoor riding arena with grandstand and heated riders' lounge measures 40 by 20 metres. Before the winter the arena floor was renewed and the lighting was replaced by bright and energy-saving LED lamps. The outdoor arena can be floodlit and measures 60 by 20 metres. There is also an indoor exercise arena and a lunging arena. The chief is particularly proud of the Röwer & Rüb oval horsewalker for ten horses. “We purchased the system in 2018. The old horsewalker was installed in 1991. We wanted the new one to be something special," adds Kuckelke.

Reitanlage Kuckelke
Reitanlage Kuckelke
Reitanlage Kuckelke

Oval horsewalker

“The Röwer & Rüb's technology appealed to us most," says Kuckelke. Working with Röwer & Rüb consultant Lars Cordes, the owners of the riding facility opted for the oval Teomatic horsewalker with a full single-pitch roof and a double-wing swing gate on the outside and inside. The design of the patented Teomatic ring horsewalker makes it particularly smooth-running. A motor moves the steel ring mounted on rollers to which the safety grilles are attached. This means that no components can vibrate and make any unwanted noise. Since the horsewalker is designed as a ring horsewalker, the interior remains free. As the system has a full roof, the interior can be used as an exercise area for the horses in any weather.

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