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Naturhotel Forsthofgut

Family, tradition and nature in one place.

Forsthofgut Landschaft mit Bergen umzu

Relax in the Salzburger Land

The Forsthofgut has been rooted in Leogang in the Salzburger Land for 400 years, and the family Schmuck has been at home here for five generations. Today the Forsthofgut welcomes its guests as a 5-star nature hotel and combines many years of tradition with the aim of giving each and every guest an unforgettable experience. The love of nature is a common theme that links the past with the present. With a forest backdrop and with a view of the mountains, the hotel guests can relax and recharge their batteries.

Celebrating nature

Christoph and Christina Schmuck who run the family business together explain that the team at the Forsthofgut regard nature as a special source of energy that must be preserved. “That's why we feel it is our responsibility to celebrate nature and treat it responsibly," they add. This closeness to nature is evident in all areas of the hotel such as the spacious "waldSPA” wellness area and activities such as hiking, skiing and biking as well as the hotel's own riding stables. 

Forsthofgut Außengeländer mit Pool

„400 years ago forestry was already an important mainstay of the farm. With the new riding stables we are staying true to our tradition.“

Christoph and Christina Schmuck


Röwer & Rüb-Box für Ponys

Riding stables are a link to their roots

Guests at the Naturhotel Forsthofgut are also able to enjoy special moments on horseback, for example taking lessons, riding in the picturesque Leogang mountain landscape or even experiencing equine-assisted therapy. Not only Haflingers, riding ponies and Shetland ponies live at the facility, as the horses of the hotel guests are regular visitors to their designated guest stalls. “The riding stables were completed in 2022 and with this project we have returned to our roots," says Christoph Schmuck. “400 years ago forestry was already an important mainstay of the farm, and horses were naturally used. With our newly opened stables we are therefore staying true to our tradition.”

Homage to the closeness to nature

“When planning and constructing the stables our main focus was the welfare of the horses," comments Elke Hechenberger, manager of the riding stables. For this reason extensive pastures and exercise facilities were created for the horses and each stall has its own paddock. The atmosphere in the stables is welcoming and cosy, and with the use of natural materials it is also a tribute to the family’s own values. It was particularly important to Christoph and Christina Schmuck to make the special character of the hotel evident in the stable aisle and to also combine a down-to-earth approach with the highest quality standards.

Röwer & Rüb-Paddocks mit Pferden
Röwer & Rüb-Boxen

Stable front Bremen

Powder-coated doors, barn doors and stalls supplied by Röwer & Rüb also make a valuable contribution in this respect; the "Bremen" stall design with its harmoniously curved lines creates a feel-good home for all the horses and accentuates the high-quality aesthetics of the stables. “Our partnership with Röwer & Rüb has played an important role in this successful project," comments Christoph Schmuck. “As a traditional company Röwer & Rüb lives by the same values as we do. Everything was perfect from the design of the stables to their construction. The end result is a joy for us all.”

Slow down and feel good

The Forsthofgut nature hotel never stands still, because just like nature this unique retreat is always changing to offer its guests an unforgettable experience. The addition of the hotel's own riding stables is another special feature which has been added since 2022 and underlines the character of the hotel and its values. Slow down, relax and enjoy yourself – the hotel offers everything you need. An ideal location for both horses and their riders.

Röwer & Rüb-Trennwände mit Pferd
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