Finca la Peregrina

Finca La Peregrina

Comillas, an attractive little town on the Cantabrian coast that features old stone houses, modernist architecture and beautiful sandy beaches, is located in the north of Spain.

Finca la Peregrina

Dreamy landscape

This private riding facility, designed with great care and attention to detail, is surrounded by a beautiful landscape, situated on a mountain overlooking the sea, and blends perfectly into the picturesque backdrop. A place where you can find inspiration.

For our Spanish partner Sotoancho Instalaciones Hípicas, this project was something very special. Joaquin Salado Rodriguez worked with the customer on the project from the very beginning and helped to realise and implement their wishes and ideas. The result is a riding facility that puts the needs of the horses in the foreground and makes riders' hearts beat faster.

Generous and bright

The original stable building was an old dairy. Spacious pastures where cows once grazed surround the property. Today, the former dairy is home to seven horses. After the extensive restoration of the barn, only the façade bears traces of its past. The stable was adapted to the needs of the horses so that they have enough space, fresh air and daylight. It was particularly important to the owner that the horses feel comfortable, but also that the daily work in the stable is taken into account so that the care of the horses is practical and easy. As a result, owners and horses enjoy the stylish riding facility in the beautiful surroundings and the view of the sea.

For this project the client chose the semi-open curved stall model "Rome". Due to the proximity to the sea, a double rust protection was applied under the powder coating. The horse stalls are spacious and bright, the horse neck partitions are a special feature that lend a touch of extra charm and at the same time prevent feed envy at the troughs.

Finca la Peregrina
Finca la Peregrina

Access to the terrace

The washing and grooming areas are equipped with Regupol floor and wall protection. This not only serves as impact and sound insulation, but also provides insulation against the cold in the rainy season.

The horse stable is located in the lower part of the building and has direct access to a patio from where everyone can enjoy the beauty of the Cantabrian countryside. Outside, an additional cleaning and preparation area has been created for the warm season. The owners are completely satisfied with the results of their project and the horses feel very comfortable in their new home.

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