Katja Wagner

New horse stables with twelve stalls in an idyllic alpine setting

Bazenheid in the Swiss canton of Sankt Gallen is where a young couple has made their dream of owning their own horse stables come true.

Katja Wagner

Riding, riding, riding!

Katja Wagner has been surrounded by horses since she was a child and already caught the horse bug when she was very small. Katja grew up on a farm which also kept horses. Her parents run the Wagner Freiberger Stables in Niederbüren in the canton of Sankt Gallen. They offer riding lessons and carriage rides with their strong-charactered Freibergers. Every year they also train young horses for the field test. Katja's partner Tobias, a trained farmer, also grew up on a leasehold farm in Bütschwil in Sankt Gallen. In April 2018 Katja and Tobias were lucky enough to acquire a farm in Bazenheid. Since then they have been running a 38-hectare dairy farm and also grow fruit. They were naturally also really keen to keep horses on the farm. Unfortunately the existing buildings were not suitable for horses. 

New horse stable

It soon became obvious that new buildings had to be built for horse management. An old stable was demolished and made room for a new building with a horse stable. With the help of their parents they were able to make their dreams come true. It was then possible to start the approval and planning procedures. Construction began in February 2020 and beautiful horse stables were built with nine paddock stalls and three indoor stalls. At the top of the stables there is a large shed for machines, hay and straw. With the perfectly designed stable equipment from Röwer und Rüb and the competent advice from Flurin Cadalbert, a true paradise for horses has been created at the Chrobüel Farm in Bazenheid.

Katja Wagner
Katja Wagner
Katja Wagner

Big dream

Katja and Tobias offer stalls for boarding horses and in future would like to offer riding lessons with their own horses. “Both of us have had a great deal of luck in our lives and are incredibly proud that we can make our dreams come true! Success comes automatically when you do what you love," comments Katja Wagner.

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