Safe examination stands for horses

The breeding season begins and many horse breeders have already decided which stallion they want to have their broodmares covered by this year. Before insemination, the mares are examined by means of a swab sample and a few weeks after insemination, the pregnancy examination takes place. Examination stands help with this. They not only increase the safety for the veterinarians, but also reduce the stress for the horse.

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Examination stand requirements vary.

Veterinary clinics and veterinarians have somewhat different requirements than, for example, breeding businesses. Breeders prefer examination stands in which the mares can be led forwards in and out again. These are equipped with hinged front and rear doors or with a chest flap and rear door. The side walls are completely filled with wood or bamboo. This compact design offers the broodmares good visual contact and therefore prevents unnecessary stress. The examining vet or insemination technician is also safe when examining or inseminating the mare. These examination stands can also be built with a wall connection, for example to a stall or stable wall.

Veterinary practices and veterinary clinics for horses have completely different needs. Here the handlers must be able to approach the horse from all sides. The examination stands must be free-standing. The side walls are open and equipped with a crossbar so that the horse's legs can also be examined. In practices and clinics, examination stands can also be equipped with a raised frame so that the treated horse can stand safely in a harness even when sedated.

It is essential to ensure that examination stands are free from protruding screws, sharp edges and corners. Röwer & Rüb pays particular attention to safety in this respect. All steel parts, handles and edges are round or rounded to ensure maximum safety for horses and handlers.


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