Horse stables in a class of their own

Stainless steel is a special material for horse stalls. Horse stables built with this material have a special charm. We have also been manufacturing stainless steel stable equipment for many years. Customers are able to choose between high-gloss electropolished or matte glass bead blasted surface finishes. We recently had the chance to try a new style. The customer requested glass bead blasted frames for the stalls and electropolished bars. This has turned out to be a very attractive combination.

geöffnete Röwer & Rüb Pferdeboxe Edelstahl

Stainless steel can also be used for powder-coated stalls which are equipped with stainless steel bars.

Furthermore, window, door and gate frames made of stainless steel provide a high-quality visual finish. Horse stalls made of stainless steel have a timeless character and with regular maintenance look as good as new for many years. The surfaces of both finishing types can be cleaned easily, so that the elements can be freed from soiling by flies, saliva, feed residues or birds.

We produce these exclusive horse boxes in Thedinghausen in a separate stainless steel workshop. This ensures that the stainless steel does not come into contact with the black steel in the other production halls. In this way, the formation of rust film on the stainless steel parts can be reliably prevented.


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