Röwer & Rüb lunging hall with glued wood trusses

The Röwer & Rüb lungeing arenas are the result of decades of experience in the construction of covered lungeing rings. They allow lungeing and training regardless of the weather. Safety, functionality and durability are always our top priorities.

Röwer & Rüb Longierhallen Innenansicht

Equipment details

For decades the hot-dip galvanised structure was built with steel trusses. For some years now the structures have also been available with attractive as well as robust glued wood trusses. These create an appealing atmosphere in the lungeing arenas and make working there more pleasant. Each of our lungeing arenas is equipped with a ventilation ridge to prevent heat building up under the roof and also to allow additional light into the hall.

The roof of the lungeing arena can be equipped with ceiling panelling. This makes the roof construction invisible and the overall impression much more restful. In addition, light panels can be installed around the light ridge in the roof. The roof covering can be selected from a range of options including trapezoidal sheet metal panels, adhesive tiles or brick structure sheets, according to individual tastes and the climate situation. Rain gutters and downpipes can also be installed by Röwer & Rüb on request.

The entrance area of the lungeing arenas can be provided with a monopitch or gable roof porch. This creates space to scrape out the horses’ hooves or for final preparations.

Additional protection from the weather is also provided by wind protection nets. The robust mesh fabric is available in different colours and can be chosen to match the other fittings in the lungeing arena. It protects the horses from wind or rain coming in from the side.

Fence elements

The lungeing arenas are equipped with safe fencing. The fence elements are constructed in such a way that there are no internal ground fastenings. This prevents tripping hazards. The Standard Plus element fence is 1.60m high and has a larch or hardwood infill. The Exclusive element fence is 2 metres high. There is a cross plank above the wood infills. The lower section features a hardwood plinth and the upper section is secured with bars. Alternatively, the lungeing arena can be equipped with wall panelling made of larch or hardwood. 

The lungeing arenas require a building permit. For this reason Röwer & Rüb gives its customers all construction drawings, including a verifiable structural calculation.


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