Half round and almost straight - oval horsewalkers from Röwer & Rüb

In addition to riding, grazing and time spent in the paddock, horsewalkers offer horses additional exercise opportunities and are also very suitable for additional exercise alongside training during rehabilitation.

Röwer & Rüb ovale Führanlage Außenansicht links in Abendsonne

Oval horsewalkers have a number of advantages.

Due to their elongated shape, they can be easily adapted to the shape of the plot. They are therefore a flexible solution, especially for existing riding facilities. If space is limited or only a narrow area is available, oval horsewalkers are particularly suitable. Oval horsewalkers are often chosen for new facilities because they save space.

The oval shape has the great advantage that the horses are also able to walk on a straight section and the shearing forces have less effect on the body. A round horsewalker should be at least 15 metres in size to prevent excessive strain on the horses' tendons, joints and ligaments. Oval horsewalkers are even easier on the joints due to their straight sides. This makes them particularly interesting for training after recuperating from injuries. Many rehabilitation centres have included oval horsewalkers in their rehabilitation training, as the horses can be trained here in a controlled manner after recuperating from injury or surgery.

The technology

The oval horsewalker features a double rail system driven by a motor. The rails, to which the safety grilles are directly attached, run centrally above the track and are regarded as particularly quiet with low maintenance requirements. The size of the system can be adapted to the site conditions – the standard dimensions of 10 x 19 metres, 15 x 21 metres and 20 x 26 metres can be extended in length by any number of additional sections, each measuring three metres. Special sizes are also possible upon request.

Without roof, with track roof or full roof

In addition to the shape, there is also the question of a roof. In principle, horsewalkers do not require a roof. On the one hand a roof saves costs, and on the other it means that use is not restricted in bad weather. When it rains, puddles can quickly form and the ground can become muddy and slippery. Alternatively, only the track can be covered, but if the interior is to be used for lungeing, for example, it is best to install a roof over the entire system.

The free interior

Due to the free interior space, the oval track roof is particularly suitable for circumventing obstacles, such as trees, and making the best possible use of the available space. If a full roof is planned, the centre of the horsewalker becomes an area for lungeing, running and riding which is unaffected by the weather. This concept is very close to the advantages of an indoor riding arena.


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