Secure safety grille for horsewalkers

The finished bamboo planks were also tested for impact resistance in the course of the tests. Spruce planks, recycled plastic planks, the previously used Bongossi planks and bamboo were tested in comparison. The bamboo planks held up best. Horsewalkers are useful supplements to the daily training and grazing schedule of horses. Our horses are very well fed and need exercise. The regular extra exercise that horses get in the walker not only improves their condition but also helps prevent them becoming overweight.

Röwer & Rüb Führanlagen Trenngitter in der Hufschlagüberdachung

Our secure safety grilles

All horse walkers are equipped with safety grilles to separate the horses from one another and to ensure smooth, regular movement. We had an equine science graduate take a close look at these safety grilles. To determine the well-being of the horses in the horsewalker, various series of measurements were carried out to determine the hormone status of the horses. Comparisons were made with a safety grille with a grating insert, chains and rubber flaps, one with movable plastic bars and one with a perforated rubber mat.

Contact with each other

The results of this thesis were used to developed our new safety grille. The horses feel most comfortable in the horsewalker if they can see their fellow horses. The new safety grille is made of a hot-dip galvanized steel frame with rounded corners all around and a replaceable grating insert. Chains and rubber flaps are attached to the lower edge, which are well respected by the horses. The safety grilles are suspended so that they can be moved.

The horses have a good view of one another and are relaxed. The safety grille is also well accepted by horses who otherwise like to be pushed a little. When designing the new safety grille, the well-being of the horses and all possible and impossible safety factors were taken into account.


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Röwer & Rüb sicheres Trenngitter in pulverbeschichteter Hufschlagüberdachung