New switchbox in horsewalkers

The new switchbox for the Röwer & Rüb horsewalkers is now available. It is equipped with a Siemens touch panel and has a stainless steel housing. This not only looks good, but makes operation really easy and protects the modern technology from the outset.

Neuer Schaltkasten für Führanlagen

Optimum exercise

The horse training sessions can be optimised even further with the new switchbox. The control system is easily operated with an intuitive touch panel. Walking or walking/trotting? Depending on requirements and the training programme, users can freely select the right time, speed and direction for their horses and save them in four programmes. These can be selected conveniently and easily during the daily routine.


State of the art

This new development was designed in response to customers’ practical needs and wishes. The switchbox should be placed as close as possible to the entrance for the horses. However, this location is not always effectively protected from the weather. This is no problem for the new control element, as the switchbox hat both heating and ventilation features. A thermal sensor automatically switches the heating or ventilation on. In this way control centre adapts perfectly to ambient conditions and cannot overheat when exposed to sunlight or during long periods of use.


Smart options

Another benefit – retrofitting is simple. The new switchbox is not only used in the construction of new horsewalkers, but the old control units can be easily removed from existing installations and replaced by the modern version. The switchbox can be easily and optionally controlled with a mobile phone app or a remote control. This makes it very flexible and easy to use, as the programme can be customised remotely. There are also optional possibilities for remote maintenance and the use of cameras in the horsewalker. In this way the horses can be monitored with the app and users can react quickly if the horses become restless. The new switchbox makes every equestrian facility smarter.


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Neuer Schaltkasten für Führanlagen