Our tube laser

The tube laser helps us speed up the production of horse boxes, horse walkers, stable doors and windows.

One of our greatest driving forces is the continuous further development of our traditional company. Our products require a great deal of manual work and this will continue to be the case in the future. However, we have ventured one step towards automation in order to improve the quality of our products and to enhance the performance of our company even more.

Rohlaser Röwer & Rüb

Support in many areas

"The tube laser helps us speed up the production of horse boxes, horse walkers, stable doors and windows. It also makes the workpieces even more precise and optimises subsequent processing. Positioning aids simplify the connection of different parts and significantly reduce the work previously involved in measuring and alignment. As a result, the average assembly time is reduced and the quality of the products is increased even further," comment Managing Director Jörn Gaudeck with pleasure and add: "In addition to faster and better service for our customers, this new production process also enables further innovation, which will be incorporated into our product development to improve customer benefits."

After installation, employees were trained directly on the machine. Two young technicians who were also trained by our company are now working hard to ensure that the laser receives the technical data required for processing the steel parts.

On September 29th the laser was presented to the company’s employees. Our colleagues were able to see the laser in action in small groups and at a necessary distance. The technicians had drawn miniature horse stalls especially for this occasion which the laser produced at lightning speed and to the great amusement of the team.

Processes are simplified

The laser can cut profiles and tubes and burn holes in a wide variety of shapes. The burner head of the laser is movable. It is therefore possible to make 45° cuts. Small flat metal parts can also be processed. The laser offers a number of options for material preparation which means that work in the welding shop can be simplified and speeded up considerably. As a result we can further improve the quality of our horse stalls, stable and barn doors and windows.

With the laser it will be possible to carry out a number of production steps directly in Thedinghausen. We will also have more control over the machining quality. Far fewer parts have to be carried back and forth between service providers and Thedinghausen. Less transport also means lower emissions, which in turn is good news for our environment.

The profile laser efficiently and precisely improves production processes. The colleagues who work with the laser are highly motivated and look forward to their new assignments. We will be giving our colleagues the time they need to familiarise themselves with the tube laser and also to allow our technicians to produce the technical drawings of the parts that the machine can process. When all this has been completed, nothing will stand in the way of a good start to our new venture.

We combine modern technology with solid craftsmanship to satisfy and, if possible, exceed the standards that our customers expect of us and our stable equipment. We are sure that our customers will be very satisfied with the result.


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