Stallion standing in his box and eating hay in the stable lane

New approaches in stallion management

Gut Schönweide with new stallion concept

Two stallions in the horse box interacting with each other through the social fence

Customised stallion boxes

Alexandra and Adrian Gasser are breaking new ground with their stallion facility and the newly built stables on the Gut Schönweide estate. The special horse stalls allow the stallions at the stud farm to socialise and interact. This concept does away with the preconception that stallions behave aggressively towards one other when they come into contact.

In a 2016 behavioural study Swiss scientists discovered that stallions kept in "social stalls" interact directly with their stable neighbours for around 50 minutes a day and actively seek physical contact without displaying any aggressive behaviour or causing injuries.

A moving history

When the married couple Gasser from Switzerland acquired the Gut Schönweide estate in Grebin, Schleswig-Holstein in 2017, they were already planning to design their stallion facility in keeping with this model. The estate has had a number of different owners throughout its eventful history. The manor house, which dates back to 1731, even burnt down in 2000. The estate was transformed under the ownership of the Gasser family, who restored the manor house. The existing stables have been extended by new buildings. An insemination centre has also been set up. Outdoor and indoor riding arenas round off the facility.

Rider with horse in front of a flower meadow
Mares and their foals in a meadow

A paradise for people and animals

On the estate which extends over 230 hectares, 100 hectares are earmarked as grassland and pastures for the horses. The pastures are available to the horses all year round. The horses are put out to pasture in groups of suitable ages. Foals and yearlings are therefore able to learn and strengthen their social skills as herd animals, mares and stallions can define their hierarchies in their herds and live a harmonious life. The estate is located in a nature reserve. The forests and meadows are left undisturbed or are managed in the most natural way possible. All living creatures on the estate are able to live under the conditions they need for a good life – including the wild animals.

Respectful interaction

A competent and committed team of employees takes care of the horses and riding, advises the breeders and keeps the stud and estate in good condition. Respectful and friendly treatment of the horses, colleagues and breeders is a matter of course at Gut Schönweide.

Rider with horse in the outdoor riding arena in front of the stable
Stallion relaxing in his spacious box with social fencing
Horses standing in their boxes and eating hay in the stable lane

Horse-friendly management is a top priority at the stud farm

Large and bright stalls are available for all horses. A science-based new horse management concept has evolved for the stallions at the stud farm. Contact grids in the partitions allow the stallions to have direct physical contact and social interaction, an opportunity which they take advantage of. The stallions behave in a harmonious and non-aggressive manner towards one other. They even share their hay. This management concept does justice to the stallions' natural behavioural patterns. The additional grazing and saddle work encourage their peaceful coexistence.

"The will to achieve long-term sporting and economic success is the basic requirement for running a successful business, but never at the expense of people, animals or the environment. We treat our animals with care, kindness and respect and take the responsibility of breeding, managing and training them in a way that is suitable for their age and needs very seriously. Having time for every horse and its development is a luxury that we allow ourselves and our employees and therefore intentionally limit the number of horses on the farm," explains Alexandra Gasser, describing her stud philosophy.

We wish the Gasser family much success with their stallions and horse breeding endeavours. 
It was very exciting for us to have been a part of this innovative and exemplary stallion management concept.
Many thanks from the Röwer & Rüb team for choosing us as your business partners.

Gut Schönweide

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