Pferdebox Röwer & Rüb Hamburg

Stable front Hamburg

Sliding doors with elegant segmental arch

The rounded running rail is mounted directly on the front wall, not only creating a minimalist look but also providing additional safety.

Röwer & Rüb Pferdeboxen Hamburg linke Stallgasse mit Pferden in der Box, schwenkbare Vorderfront

Harmonious design combined with functionality

The Hamburg model has a sliding door with a segmental arch and the position of the top rail does not pose any risk of injury to the horses. This patented design was developed by our company.

Advantages of the stable front Hamburg

  • Integrated and adjustable running gear
  • Smooth-running and quietly engaging door
  • Passage width 1.30 m
  • Vent and grille flap are standard features, the flap is secured in an open position
  • Telescopic latch can be opened with one hand
  • Hamburg can be equipped with all hinged and sliding partitions
  • Can be combined with all feeding systems such as a feeding flap and slot as well as a rotating trough
Röwer & Rüb Pferdeboxen Modell Hamburg Laufschiene außen
Image horse stall model Hamburg (M000069174)

Optional swivel feature

This model is also available as a fully swivelling stable front so that it can be opened, for example, for mechanical mucking out of the stall.
Please note that if a swivelling stable front is fitted, the stall door must be mounted on the side.

We would be pleased to inform you about other special features and the available options for this extra feature.

Our Hamburg model is also available as a modular system

As we hold prefabricated elements on stock, we can guarantee the proven Röwer & Rüb quality at an attractive price. This is an excellent choice for short-term renovations with new stalls at a very attractive price.

  • Röwer & Rüb quality at a special price
  • Individual combination options
  • Short delivery times
roewer-rueb-modulsystem Reiterin mit Pferd auf der Stallgasse
roewer-rueb-Banner Projektanfrage

Are you planning a project?

We work with you to find an ideal solution that is individual and customised to meet your needs. We would be pleased to advise you!


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roewer-rueb-pferdebox hamburg
Röwer & Rüb Pferdeboxen Hamburg pulverbeschichtet Blick von der Stallgasse in die Pferdebox
Röwer & Rüb Pferdebox Hamburg aus Edelstahl mit Pferd in der Box
Röwer & Rüb Stallgasse mit Modell Hamburg pulverbeschichtet, Vorderfront schwenkbar
Röwer & Rüb Pferdebox mit schwenkbarer Vorderfront in verzinkt, Pferde in der Box
Röwer & Rüb Pferdebox Modell Hamburg, linke Stallgasse mit Pferd in Box, Drehtrogeinrichtung
roewer-rueb-pferdebox hamburg