Röwer & Rüb Führanlagen ovale und Longierhalle

Horsewalkers and Lunging Arenas

Concepts for the daily exercise needs of your horses

Options for balanced exercise schedules plays an important role in modern stable planning. In our daily routines our exercise schedules are essential as a supplement to daily training in the saddle.

Quality comes from experience

Our horsewalkers and lunging arenas have been impressing customers with their robust quality, reliability and particularly smooth operation for many decades. For more than 40 years we have been focusing on a very wide range of versions and sizes. As a certified company, Röwer & Rüb meets all requirements of EN 1090 and the associated regulations for the creation of supporting steel structures.

Röwer & Rüb Führanlage Innenansicht Pferd hinter Trenngitter Hintergrund grüne Weide
Rabattaktion runde Führanlagen und Longierhallen EN

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Round horsewalkers and lunging arenas at a special price
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Our horsewalkers and lunging arenas


Röwer & Rüb Hufschlagüberdachung mit anthrazitfarbenen Wellfaserzementplatten

Round Horsewalkers

Reliable and smooth running

roewer-rueb-ovale führanlage mit hufschlagüberdachung von oben

Oval Horsewalkers

Optimum use of space

roewer-rueb-longierhalle grün pulverbeschichtet

Lunging Arenas

Work with your horses all year round in all weathers

Benefits of our horse walkers and lunging arenas

We always supply our horsewalkers and lunging arenas with all construction drawings and verifiable static calculations which are required for a building application.

Röwer & Rüb Führanlagen

Equipment details

The hot-dip galvanised structure can be equipped with either steel or laminated wood beams and is available with many fencing and roofing options. A windbreaker net can be fitted around the installations as additional protection against the weather. The robust net is available in different colours and also protects horses from the wind and any drizzle at the sides. Our Standard safety grille is made of a sturdy, hot-dip galvanised frame with a replaceable grille insert, rubber slats and chains. The Gummi safety grille with its two-part perforated rubber mats is particularly suitable for covered installations and the Stab safety grille consists of 14 plastic rods.

Entrance area

The optional roof on the entrance area makes entering and exiting the horsewalker and lunging arena much more relaxed. Even in bad weather it is possible, for example, to scrape out the horse’s hooves in a dry area or observe the horses from a protected place. Furthermore, accessories such as blankets and gaiters can be kept dry by the roof. For our horsewalkers and lunging arenas you have the choice of a monopitch or saddle roof with a two-part hinged barn door as a porch.

Röwer & Rüb Führanlagen
Führanlagen mit Dach (M000073631)
Röwer & Rüb Führanlagen


We pay special attention to the roof of your facility because we know that the roofing should blend into the environment to ensure a uniform appearance. For this reason our roofs are available in different colours and with different materials. Each roof is equipped with a ventilation ridge as a standard feature. All roofs are suitable as a track roof and also full roofing.

Fence elements

With two different fence element heights we supply a safe but flexible fence solution for horsewalkers, lunging arenas, paddocks and round pens. As the hot-dip galvanised or powder-coated steel frame elements are firmly screwed together, no posts are required. All fences feature a moisture-resistant hardwood base board at the bottom, irrespective of the specific version.

Röwer & Rüb Führanlagen
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Are you planning a project?

We work with you to find an ideal solution that is individual and customised to meet your needs. We would be pleased to advise you!


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Röwer & Rüb ovale Führanlage außen linke Seite
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